Song Edit

The hollowed men don’t need no bones,
Held together by sticks and stones;
Stuffed and coiled, we are the rat men,
The stuffed men;
Straw and grass
And hearts of glass;
No shape or form or color:
I am the other—
The Other One!

Don’t call me the Rat Man,
The Boneless Man;
Wearing blood-fur skin in the foxhole
Where we found them;
(We covered them in red-winged coats,)
(We colored them and gave the most!)

The hollowed men don’t need no souls,
Where dead men lose their bones;
Stuffed and coiled, strangled in knot;
Their kingdom is the dead lands,
The putrid lands
Held together by flesh and rot;
You can find him in another,
My brother—
Another One!

Meaning Edit


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