There is an array of tech found in the universe of Project SERAPHIM, as well as some of the newfangled lingo.

Technology Edit

Anti-tech dome, an electromagnetic barrier that covers a city, preventing high-tech machinery and weaponry from crossing the border.

Compu-pak, a hacking device used for opening up doors and hijacking security systems. Looks like cellphone-sized terminals that are made to hook up to a door or port, and can be used to unlock and take over the mechanisms. Commonly used for stealing novacars.

Fliptern, or simply a "flip", a wallet-sized clamshell terminal. Projects a screen displaying the Wire and other applications. Uses touch-sensors to navigate, including a keyboard to type on. Think of it as a futuristic laptop.

Floatscreen, an entertainment system that can be easily transported.

Lumen, a wristwatch that functions as a light and computer. Must be connected to a network in order to work. Very low tech.

MOBI, modern means of mobile transportation vehicles that utilize alternate sources for energy and power.

Nexus, a communication device that can be utilized either as an earpiece or worn around the wrist.

  • Nexus TRU, a brace that functions similar to the old nexus, only they can be used as tracing systems as well. They can be jail-hacked and modified, allowing them to manipulate the satellite frequencies that have taken over the global surveillance network. Difficult for the GRIGORI Program to track. It was created by a Swedish inventor.

Newspad, like newspapers but now on digital paper that updates itself, saving on resources.

Novacar, a type of modernized vehicle that runs on solar-electric energy.

VRI device, as the name implies - "virtual reality interface". This is what describes any technology created that can simulate reality, such as the Split Glasses (think: the Oculus Rift).

Wallscreen, an entertainment system that is built into a wall (or walls) of a room.

Wetwall, a type of program that can be downloaded into a Cerebral Computer Implant (CCI) to protect the user from mindjacking.

Wire, which is the internet, basically.

Novelties Edit

Booster, a newer type of caffeinated drink that has become more popular than coffee. Coffee shops are less common in lieu booster cafés.

Motif, tattoos that utilize a type of technology that allows them to shift, glow, or vanish at will (called "chameleon").

AltRes Edit

Alternate energy resources that utilizes power without the use of fossil fuels.

  • Aura Power, a type of wind energy incorporated by an industry called Four Stags.
  • Nixie Energy, a type of hydro power incorporated by a research facility called Neptune Five.
  • Dag Force, a type of solar energy incorporated by Jupiter Industries.
  • Mag-Tech, a type of magnetic energy that allows the craft to hover. Incorporated by NoviTech.
  • Alteric, a type of powerful alternate energy source created for military vehicle use only. Incorporated by ASTRAD Industries. Methods are not disclosed.