Literary Works Edit

A Long Road Edit

  • Author: Edward Rice
  • Summary: A woman’s soul that got lost after an accident... and she’s trying to find her way back to her body.

Dogmud Edit

  • Author: Katherine Tangel
  • Summary: A jaded war hero comes home to her friends and family from the Long Winter. As she tries returning to civilian life, she’s caught up in a series of murders that the local law enforcement suspect her of.
    • The title itself is wordplay: A lot of military groups have nicknames (i.e. Red Rifles, Steel Ghosts, Cold Crows). They called this one mobile infantry division the Mud Dogs, because of the way they utilized old trench and guerrilla warfare to gain the upper hand on the battlefield. After a while they became one of the deadliest soldiers that even their enemies would rather avoid them.

Oklahoma Strip Edit

  • Author: Anonymous
  • Summary: A poem about the Long Winter and the desolation zones.
  • Full poem can be found here.

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Electric Wave Edit

The Hollowed Man Edit